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A Cheshire police initiative named “Operation Guardians”  aimed to target people suspected of committing domestic abuse saw the force arrest 60 suspects in Cheshire in just three days. 

Cheshire police also held online webchats, discussions with schools and continuing to work with partners and saw the force ‘shine a light’ on domestic abuse- which is one of the biggest challenges faced in the county. 

“The aim of Operation Guardians was to target offenders but also show that domestic abuse can affect anyone regardless of gender, age or race. Across the 72 hours, our officers continued with business as usual while also putting an extra focus on arresting those suspected of being involved in domestic abuse, raising awareness and checking in on those who have been affected by this type of crime. Domestic abuse is one of the biggest challenges we face in Cheshire and I hope that this has shown we are doing all we can to stamp it out.”

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Una Jennings

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