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Thank you to one of our DA Champions, Alison from Thames Valley Police, for sharing some training they have developed on Adverse Childhood Experiences recommended for professionals.

As part of our approach to violence reduction we have been looking into the best way to deliver Adverse Child Experience training. There is no easy way…

We do have access to a training package that while long is pretty good. It takes about 50 minutes to complete and as it is a video with knowledge checks along the way there is no real way to speed it up.

There is a certificate at the end once completed and if of interest to you, the link below will take you directly to the course.

We know training can be time consuming but this package shows the importance of a positive upbringing and the impacts that negatives can have on a child’s development and can highlight some trigger behaviours that can be spotted at a very young age.

You can complete the training here: