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Agenda Alliance have published a new report analysing the link between intimate partner violence (IPV) and suicidality. The analysis interrogates how this disproportionately impacts women and how this is reinforced and exacerbated by unmet needs and poverty. 

Key findings from the report:

  • Over a quarter (27%) of women report experience of IPV in their lifetimes
  • Women who have experienced IPV are three times more likely to have made a suicide attempt in the past year compared to women who have not experienced IPV
  • Sexual IPV is ten times more common in women than men and is an IPV type particularly associated with self-harm and suicidality
  • IPV often occurs in a context of poverty and multiple unmet needs, trapping women with fewer resources for escape
  • Around half (47%) of women who are unemployed or unable to work due to sickness or disability have experienced IPV, compared to one quarter of other women (26%).
  • Female victims of IPV are more than twice as likely as non-victims (23% vs 10%) to have faced five or more other adversities in their life, such as financial crises, redundancy, bereavement, and serious physical illness.