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Reducing the Risk are thrilled to have been nominated by one of our DA Champions for the Brand the Bus competition in Oxford.

It is often very difficult to get details of local support services out to people safely. Brand the Bus gives a charity in Oxford the opportunity to promote their service by sharing their branding and website on an Oxford bus. It may be that someone suffering in silence, unable to find a way out, sees our information on a bus and visits our website – allowing them to find the information and resources they need to get help.

One of our amazing DA Champs has submitted a really passionate statement as to why we should appear on a bus – huge thanks to Fiona! Fiona has since been interviewed by BBC Radio to explain more about what we do and how it impacts on families and practitioners too.

If you want to support her campaign, and can see the benefits in spreading awareness of domestic abuse by bus, please vote by clicking here – Reducing the Risk are entry five.

You only get one vote and we would hugely appreciate your support.

If you can, please tell your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to vote. This would be our largest advert to date and one that may reduce the risk for someone as a result.

Voting is open until midnight on 31st December 2020. Reducing the Risk are entry 5.