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Current training partnerships:

CCG DA Champion Network

Reducing the Risk of Domestic Abuse are pleased to announce the development of a Domestic Abuse Champion Network within Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes GP Practices. The training is available to any GP practice staff within these localities.

This network of trained Domestic Abuse Champions will support good practice and effective identification and signposting, whilst also being part of the wider Reducing the Risk Champion Network. This project is funded by NHS England and commissioned by the Safeguarding Leads within Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Groups.

DA Champions must commit to attending a free 2-day online training programme delivered over Zoom. The training runs from 10am–4:30pm, and includes breaks and lunch (sadly we cannot provide this over the web!). There will be some pre-training materials which should take around 1 hour to complete.

The majority of domestic abuse victims will use health services due to the physical, psychological and emotional impact of the abuse. This is where you can play a pivotal part in supporting victims and reducing the risk of domestic homicide and serious harm.

Sign-up to attend the DA Champion training here!


The training will be delivered online by Reducing the Risk trainers and will consist of pre-reads, facilitated group discussion and activities, case studies, podcasts, videos, and presentations. The training days run from 10:00 — 16:30.

Content will include skill development, insight and knowledge in identifying and responding safely to abuse, risk assessments, and the role and responsibilities of DA Champions.

Training dates:

You are required to attend both Day 1 and Day 2 of the training within 6 weeks of one another. If this is not possible, please email

Day 1Day 2
18th January 202220th January 2022 
2nd March 20229th March 2022 
19th April 202226th April 2022
3rd May 202210th May 2022
20th June 202228th June 2022


People experiencing domestic violence or abuse will often go to their local general practice with a variety of symptoms that are not obviously connected to violence such as anxiety, depression and stress. The accumulative effect of coercive, controlling behaviour as well as childhood trauma can impact long-term wellbeing and is a public health issue.

This project will result in the development of a Champion network across the 103 practices in Luton, Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire. The project will involve developing a whole practice approach, including role and responsibilities for Champions and clear referral pathways both internally and externally.


  • DA Champions within GP Practices will be able to identify domestic abuse cases early on, and provide effective support and signposting to those living with domestic abuse.
  • This network of trained Domestic Abuse Champions will support good practice and effective identification and signposting, whilst also being part of the wider Reducing the Risk Champion Network.


  • Increased knowledge and confidence in early identification of domestic abuse, awareness of the need to safely engage with victims, and skills to manage this.
  • Increased understanding of the behaviour of victims of domestic abuse, including difficulties in leaving perpetrators and the impact of domestic abuse on children and adults.
  • Increased skills and confidence in conducting risk assessments and safety planning.
  • Increased awareness of signposting pathways and local specialist organisations.
  • Increased understanding of the Champion Network, including processes in place for liaising with other professionals for expertise and how to support victims to access the range of services they need.


  • Trained staff will join a multi-agency network of trained DA Champions
  • Regular e-bulletin with news and updates on DA and Reducing the Risk
  • Access to webinars and specialised online training
  • Bespoke how-to Champion Guides
  • Ongoing consultation and support from experts
  • Linked with a network of professionals with the same training and understanding of domestic abuse across a variety of sectors and geographical areas
  • Access to a specific Champion Hub with additional supportive materials
  • Development of skillset and knowledge

You can read more about the DA Champions Network and its impact here.

I really want to raise awareness in my surgery, we don't have a policy or protocols in place at present. I have asked to have a meeting with the partners and practice manager to discuss taking this forward as a practice...the training was done well and very informative.

Training participant, Milton Keynes