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Domestic violence and strangulation prevention expert,  Casey Gwinn, Esq writes a guest piece for Fight the New Drug focusing on the risks of strangulation during sex and myth busts some common misconceptions. 

Casey leads the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention. The Institute is a program of the organization, Alliance for HOPE International. They are the leading research and training organization in the world on addressing non-fatal strangulation in domestic and sexual violence.

The article also discusses the disturbing normalisation of strangulation with mainstream articles, such as one in Cosmo suggesting ‘breath play’ as a way to relieve the boredom of recent covid-19 lockdowns.

Let’s debunk these lies about strangulation…

  1. Strangulation is harmless and causes no damage to the victim
  2. Consent is valid and women can consent to being strangled in any setting
  3. Strangulation is enjoyed by all parties in consensual sex acts and increases pleasure and sexual satisfaction without any psychological, emotional, or physiological impacts

Read the debunking of these myths and more in the full article here.