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Take part in a research project about your experience of using Clare’s Law and Domestic Violence Disclosure Schemes!

You can view the posters and more information about the background of the project below.


We would really like to reach a wide audience of victim/ survivors from diverse backgrounds to capture their experiences of Clare’s Law. We are also looking to hear from professionals as well via a survey, so colleagues may be interested in completing this (details below)

Along with Sandra Walklate (co-Principal Investigator) and Dr Nicole Renehen (Research Associate), I am launching the British Academy funded research project Clare’s Law and Domestic Violence Disclosure Schemes: Victim/Survivor Perspectives.

As you will be likely aware, Clare’s Law was implemented following the murder of Clare Wood by a man with a known history of violence. Domestic Violence Disclosure Schemes (DVDSs) were rolled out in 2014 which allow police to disclose normally confidential information about a person’s criminal history to someone deemed at risk for future abuse, with the view that this will help them make more informed choices about their safety. Clare’s Law also gives victims a right to ask the police to disclose information about someone who they suspect may have a criminal history.

However, there has been no research to date which involved asking victim/survivor about their experiences of accessing DVDSs or the barriers they face.

We hope to address this gap by speaking to women from a wide range of backgrounds who are:

Women who have used Clare’s Law.
Women who chose not to access information available via Clare’s Law or may never even have heard of Clare’s Law but feel this could have benefited them but have/would face barriers.
Practitioners/family members/ friends working with victim/survivors who have accessed Clare’s Law for someone they work with/care for.
We also have a short survey which can be completed by victim/survivors, practitioners, and family/friends which should take no more than 10 minutes to complete: survey link.

You can find out more information by visiting the Clare’s Law research project website and Twitter page: @projectclarelaw

Please contact me ( if you would like to be interviewed, know someone who would, or have other suggestions about how to get people involved. Or happy to discuss with you further if you would prefer.

Best wishes


Dr Charlotte Barlow

Lecturer in Criminology

Director of Admissions for the Law School

BSC Women, Crime & Criminal Justice Steering Group Member