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Oxfordshire Court IDVA service

Court Independent Domestic Violence Adviser (IDVA) service

We are excited to announce the launch of the new court IDVA service, for those living in Oxfordshire in need of support at Criminal or Civil Court.

Who do they work with?

The Court IDVA service supports victims of domestic abuse living in Oxfordshire who are going through the Criminal Justice System and/or applying for civil orders such as non-molestation/occupation orders to protect themselves and their families.

Referrals can be made directly by those experiencing domestic abuse through a self-referral, or through professionals who can refer a victim to the Court IDVA. The service is only available to people in Oxfordshire.

If you are referring yourself or somebody else to the Court IDVA please use this form. 

What does the service provide?

We will explain the Criminal and Civil Justice System to give you an understanding at every stage of the proceedings. We can explain the processes involved and help you understand the legal terminology. We can provide information around issues such as bail conditions and charging decisions.

The court IDVA provides support for you in respect of future legal proceedings. We can:

  • Explain what special measures are available, and apply for them on your behalf
  • Link you in with other specialist court services such as the Police Witness Care Unit
  • Arrange safe entry into the court building and a separate waiting room for you
  • Arrange pre-trial visits so you can look around the court and get more confidence about the space that you are going to be in
  • Provide guidance around and support you in applying for civil court orders such as non-molestation/occupation orders or child contact issues
  • Attend court hearings with you
  • Be there at court with you for the trial
  • Provide emotional support on the phone and face to face
  • Support you with writing your victim impact statement
  • Provide you with information about court outcomes
  • Refer you to other relevant services, including mental health support, drug and alcohol, counselling and other services

What can I expect if I am referred into the Court IDVA service?

  • A phone call from a specialist trained Court IDVA to talk to you about your experience and your support needs.
  • Confidential and non-judgemental support where you are listened to and believed, and where your feelings and experiences are discussed and heard so that the Court IDVA can provide the best possible personal service to you.
  • Ongoing conversations for the Court IDVA to explain the court process and the multiple options that are available to you.
  • After you have made your decision, the Court IDVA will ensure that all measures that you requested are put in place before going to court and keep in contact with you before attending court, on the day of, and after court.
  • A greater understanding of domestic abuse and the various interventions that can be utilised and engaged with in the future.

Contact information:

If you have any questions, please do get in touch:

Phone: 01865 570930
Confidential CJSM email:

Download and share our information flyer here.

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