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DA Champion training

About our training

Reducing the Risk Domestic Abuse Champion training runs through funding from Integrated Care Boards, Local Authorities, Community Safety or new Domestic Abuse Boards. This page contains information about the role of a Champion and training opportunities, along with the link to register to become a DA Champion.

We have a specific website for our DA Champions, the Champion Hub, where people can register for our training and events, network, utilise discussion forums, collaborate and connect with other practitioners, access resources and information related to DA and view the latest news in the sector. Reducing the Risk manages the Hub and are available to help and support Champions both trained and waiting for training.

If you want to become a Champion and attend the DA Champion training, or you are an existing DA Champion and are looking to access the Hub, click the button below!

Roles and responsibilities

DA Champion role

In order to provide the best support for victims of domestic abuse using a joined-up approach, whilst looking after your own wellbeing, it is a requirement that as a DA Champion, you ensure the following:

  • Be aware of the impact of the role and responsibilities on your current job.
  • Act as an access point for DA support into and out of your organisation – but not to take on all domestic abuse cases.
  • Keep up to date and access information on referral pathways and services for your local area.
  • Ensure your colleagues are aware of the Champions scheme and how to contact you for guidance.
  • Cascade the training in relation to domestic abuse awareness in your organisation.
  • Ensure, where possible, that information such as posters, or website content, is displayed for potential victims to access.
  • Attend network meetings and refresher training, where possible. 

Agency/manager responsibilities

It is vital that Champions are supported by their organisation as a service level agreement needs to be signed by their line manager so we know that professionals are not operating in isolation, a key element of our Network model. As an organisation or manager, we request that you: 

  • Nominate enthusiastic and appropriate individuals who will take up this role. 
  • Ensure that adequate time away from their normal role will be given for 2-days of initial training and CPD sessions. 
  • Support any ongoing training within your agency. 
  • Allow the Champion to be used as an ‘in house’ expert and recognise the impact it may have on that person and their workload. 
  • Ensure that individuals are aware of the extra responsibilities placed on them by assuming the Champions’ role. 
  • Support and encourage the Champion with their new responsibilities. 

DA Champions’ training structure and content 

Our DA Champions training is built upon of 4 key sections: Awareness of Domestic Abuse; Impact of Domestic Abuse on Children and Families; Risk Assessments and Safety Planning; and the Domestic Abuse Champion Role.

The full DA Champions training covers the following topics: 

  • The effects and dynamics of domestic abuse 
  • Types of partner violence 
  • Complexities of leaving abusive relationships 
  • Power and control 
  • The impact of domestic abuse on children and young people 
  • Completing risk assessments 
  • Risk management 
  • Safety planning 
  • Support services available 

To register your interest in becoming a Champion, please sign up via our Champion Hub.

Upcoming training dates will be advertised on the Hub. To sign up to attend training, you must join the Champion Hub and visit the Training and Events pages. If you have any questions, please email

As part of our commitment to providing ongoing information and support to Champions, we encourage our Networks to hold regular meetings. Each area runs their network slightly differently so the most up to date information can be found on the Hub.

To find out more about our DA Champions Network Model, its history, and the impact, click here.

I completed my Champions Training in February 2016. This fundamentally changed my career pathway. During the past 4 years I have continued to benefit from the training offered by RtR, including the “Train the Trainer” which has enabled me to deliver Champions Training to other professionals in West Berks. The network is invaluable in being able to support all Champions and as a result, victims of domestic abuse, by sharing individual’s expertise in different areas. A key benefit is the ability to search the database for precise needs such as champions who speak a specific language, safe in the knowledge that they are a trusted professional who can translate for a victim.

Nicki Woodford – Independent Domestic Violence Adviser

The informed and helpful team at RtR have been there, even through the Lockdowns, sending out information updates, running online briefing and training sessions letting us give the best advice and signposting possible, as well as increasing our awareness on issues that may be in the background. FlagDV are a charity based in the Thames Valley providing free legal advice to anyone experiencing domestic abuse. This service arranges one to one advice sessions, and provides further signposting, for a range of needs, requiring expert knowledge and support.

Amanda F – Office Administrator, Flag DV

We need your help to continue our work reducing the risk of domestic abuse. Find out more about how you can get involved!