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New research found that more than 80 percent of those surveyed felt that the Family Courts were likely to re-traumatise victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

The report from Nicole Jacobs, UK Domestic Abuse Commissioner outlines her plan for wholesale change in the Family Court process.

I have heard from hundreds of victims and survivors. They tell me how they have been re-traumatised by private family law children proceedings and left fearing for their children’s safety.

It is imperative that the Family Court embodies a culture of safety and protection from harm, where children’s needs and the impact of domestic abuse are central considerations, and that all victims and survivors of domestic abuse consistently feel listened to and respected. This is currently not the case.

Nicole Jacobs, UK Domestic Abuse Commissioner

The Commissioner is calling for sufficient funding to be allocated for its pilot phase and, subsequently, its national roll out.

Read more in the DA Commissioner’s press release

You can also read the executive summary; the full report and the methodology.