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The recent case of Rio Samson at Oxford Crown Court, reported in the local press is a tragic tale of coercive control and physical abuse. It was disappointing that no local or national DA services or helpline were signposted in reporting. 

Samson,pleaded guilty at the magistrates’ court in April to controlling and coercive behaviour, criminal damage and causing actual bodily harm.

If you are experiencing domestics abuse:

If you are in danger, please call the emergency services on 999. If you are unable to speak, listen to the operator and follow the guidance – from a mobile, you will be put through to the silent solution system, which will play a 20 second automated message and ask you to press 55 to confirm it’s not safe to speak, allowing you to be put through to the police. More information about the Silent Solution is available here. If you need immediate, non-emergency support, you can contact your local police by phoning 101.

For anyone who feels they are at risk of abuse, it is important to remember that there are a number of local and national services offering help and support. Guidance is also available to help perpetrators change their behaviour. Find out more here.