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A mother of five has anonymously spoken to ‘Birmingham Live’ about her distress at being told that the closest women’s refuge with space for her and her children was 300 miles away- in Glasgow.

The 29-year-old feels that she has been endangered, and is being punished for having a large family. She praised Women’s Aid in their support network which ultimately meant she could leave her abusive partner. This alongside help with financial grants, securing a court order and a MARAK meeting. She has spoken to Birmingham Live to shine a light on the ongoing and shocking impact of the housing crisis and the need for further Government funding into safe houses for larger families.

“Even though we see a lot about domestic violence, we see a lot about how [the Government] is trying to do the best to reduce it and to help, but actually has anyone acknowledged the problem – do you know how hard it is to get a refuge space if you have more than three children?”