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Hourglass marks a historic point their mission to establish safer ageing, as they launch the UK’s first 24/7 Helpline to support those affected by the abuse and neglect of older people.

“The Pandemic increased social isolation, the social care crisis, a stretched criminal justice system, a lack of public awareness, all have contributed to unacceptable levels of abuse being experienced by older people. Thankfully we are increasingly aware of other forms of abuse like child abuse and domestic violence, but the abuse of older people remains in the shadows even though it affects millions. So many people are suffering and don’t know where to turn for help. We must bring it out into the open and support older people who are experiencing it to get the help they desperately need. Our helpline going 24/7 is an important step in doing that and I urge any individuals or organisations who care for older people to promote as far and wide as they can.”

Hourglass CEO Richard Robinson

Hourglass has called on care homes, GP surgeries, police/PCC and other charities who support and care for older people to promote the helpline and bring the issue out into the open. You can find out more here.