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Here is some interesting training from Stop Loan Sharks, which has been shared with us by our contacts in Bucks. Read on to find out how to access the training and read their annual report.

We are still delivering free online training and there are some spaces left on a first come first served basis, so please book on if you’ve not already attended or let colleagues or partners know if you feel it would be of interest. Click on the links to book.

Could you spot a loan shark?

The purpose of loan shark training is to provide information and knowledge about the issue, how it relates to your work and how we can help those who have borrowed from illegal lenders. The length of the session is approximately one and a half hours.

It will include key things to look out for as a sign that a friend, client or colleague may be involved with a loan shark. The session will show the impact that illegal lenders have on victims and communities and how we can work together to stop people falling into the clutches of criminals.

16th March –1030-1200

15th April – 1030 -1200

Changing Lives: A loan shark victim’s journey and the part you play.

A continuing learning opportunity for those who have already received Stop Loan Sharks training.


This is an additional learning tool for those that already know the basic facts about loan sharks. Learn about the implications and facts around reporting or not reporting for your business and staff; Learn about victim safety, Data Protection issues and how to help victims open up about their situation.

2nd March – 1030 -1200

23rd March – 1030 -1200

20th April – 1030 -1200

Do you understand credit unions?

Leading the Seminar will be England Illegal Money Lending Team’s specialist Credit Union Liaise Officer, Sean Lynch.

Before joining the Stop Loan Sharks team Sean worked at Citysave Credit Union, based in Birmingham which had roughly 7,500 members and savings deposits of over £7 Million.

For the last 3 years of his time there, he managed the Credit Union and looked after day to day operations, lending, marketing and website content as well as contributing to the governance as well as all policies approved by the board.

Lin Fisher, (Lead In Awareness Intelligence, Support and Education for Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, East & West Sussex, Dorset, Somerset and the Isle Of Wight with the Stop Loan Sharks Team) will be contributing with her experience of working with local Credit Unions.

25th Feb – 1030 -1200

6th April – 1030 -1200

21st April – 1030 -1200

Stop Loan Sharks Victim Support Report 2020 – final.