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Here is an important announcement from Kathy Rance, the Male Services Co-ordinator Buckinghamshire, at Aylesbury Vale and Milton Keynes Aylesbury Vale & Milton Keynes Sexual Assault and Support Services. Find out more about services in Buckinghamshire here.

would like to introduce myself as the Male Services Co-ordinator for Buckinghamshire working for Aylesbury Vale and Milton Keynes Sexual Assault and Abuse Support Service (AVMKSAASS). The aim of my role is to reach out, publicise, promote and offer our services to male survivors over the age of 16 and family members whose lives have been affected by sexual assault and abuse and domestic violence. In order for this to be achieved we are looking as a charitable organisation to build networks and relationships with statutory, private and voluntary organisations. This will enable us to develop collaborative working relationships and partnerships with other agencies creating referral pathways for survivors to access our specialist services.

As an organisation AVMKSAASS have achieved the accreditation for the National Quality Service Standards supporting male survivors of sexual violence and as an organisation we are seeking to increase society’s awareness of male sexual violence within the Buckinghamshire area and to highlight and promote the needs of male survivors.

We provide free and confidential counselling with our highly trained and specialist team of counsellors for both men and women. We understand that for male survivors breaking down the wall of silence so that they feel able to speak and be heard without feeling judged because of their gender can be difficult. AVMKSAASS believe in ensuring the equality of treatment and support for male survivors of sexual assault, abuse and domestic violence.

Please find attached our literature detailing the services provided by the organisation, we offer 24 one to one sessions for both men and women.