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After hearing about a similar pilot in Seatle, USA, Prosecutor Frédéric Almendros decided to trial an official judicial support dog in his own court in in the rural department of Lot, South-West France.

Thought to be the first of his kind, Lol, a five year old black labrador, has been trained to remain calm with strangers, including young children. He can handle tense, vocal and emotional situations such as cross-examinations. In his first two years on the job he has assisted in over 80 cases, with victims aged anywhere from three to ninety years old. 

“Lol has been trained to nuzzle up next to victims, and that physical touch reassures them and helps them confront the legal challenges they will face”

Alexia Mesthe- France Victims

While Lol was the first, he looks set to be the leader of the pack as more courts across Europe start pilot schemes of their own. Read more about Lol, and the benefits of a court support dogs here.