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Unseen, who provide The Modern Slavery and Exploitation Helpline have released their annual report for 2020, which is available to read here.

Domestic servitude continues to be one of the most hidden and complex typologies of modern slavery. However, in 2020, 110 cases were raised by the Modern Slavery and Exploitation Helpline, indicating a total of 139 victims. This is not dissimilar to volumes raised in 2019.

The report summarises their operations throughout 2020 including a breakdown of types of modern slavery and exploitation and the number and demographics of people affected.

The Home Office has recently updated its statutory guidance on modern slavery, which describes the signs that someone may be a victim of modern slavery. It also includes the support available to victims, and the process for determining whether someone is a victim.

We recommend you read over the guidance if you are involved in supporting people who potentially are victims of modern slavery.

Click here to read the guidance.