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The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS), often referred to as “Clare’s Law”, was implemented across all police forces in England and Wales in March 2014. It means members of the public can ask the police for information on their partner’s criminal history and therefore know if their partner poses a risk to them.

Under the new guidance, the police will be required to disclose information on perpetrators quicker. Police will have 28 days to disclose the information, down from the current guidelines of 35. This will mean victims and potential victims should have the information that could be critical to their safety faster.

Minister for Safeguarding Rachel Maclean said:

We have to make sure victims and potential victims of domestic abuse have all the protection and information they need to stay safe.”

This guidance will have no legal effect until the commencement of sec 77 of the Domestic Abuse Act 2021, expected Spring 2023

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