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Here are some interesting articles from Hourglass’s newsletter. You can sign up to receive their newsletter here – we definitely recommend it!

Domestic Abuse Bill

January 2021 marked the House of Lords Committee stage consideration of the Domestic Abuse Bill. Once passed, the Bill has the potential to create a more effective approach to tackling domestic abuse.

While this will be a long overdue outcome, it is also vital that the Domestic Abuse Bill provides protection to everyone who faces abuse – including older people. Consequently, we leant our support to amendments proposed by Baroness Sally Greengross and Lord Hunt.

Read the full list of the amendments we supported, here.

Domestic Abuse and Family Proceedings Bill

Just as the Domestic Abuse Bill is due to be seen by the House of Lords, 2021 has seen major progress for domestic abuse protection in Northern Ireland – as the Bill is now set to become law.

This marks a promising step towards addressing domestic abuse across Northern Ireland, and we welcome this move in the right direction. We will continue to stand by those older people who have been subjected to domestic abuse, or any other form of abuse or neglect.

Read what Hourglass’ Northern Ireland based, DCEO had to say here.

Coronavirus vaccine – Stay Scam Aware

The introduction of a vaccine to fight coronavirus is great news. As are the efforts being taken to invite over 70s, 80s and 90s to receive a vaccine through their GP practice.

Unfortunately, some people have taken this as an opportunity to con older people out of money, and in some instances, risk their safety as well.

Scams reported have involved people charging for the vaccine or asking for bank details via email, phone, websites or in person. There has also been an instance of a man injecting an older woman with an unknown substance and charging her money.

Please ensure anyone you know who is entitled to the vaccine knows that the NHS does not charge for the vaccine, and all appointments will be made via an invitation from their GP. Find out more information from the NHS here

If you believe you are the victim of a fraud, please report this to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or visiting

If you have any information relating to vaccine fraud you can also stay 100% anonymous by contacting Crimestoppers COVID Fraud Hotline online or Tel: 0800 587 5030.