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Age UK has recently published a report on the inclusion, or lack thereof, of older people in the Domestic Abuse Bill. 

Just over a year ago we published a report about domestic abuse which called on the Government to ensure that older people’s voices are heard, their rights are protected and their needs included in the Domestic Abuse Bill.

Unfortunately, the situation facing older victims and survivors has deteriorated significantly since then, due to the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. Many older victims will have faced an impossibly cruel situation in which they were afraid to go out for fear of contracting a life-threatening illness, and afraid to stay in for fear of being abused at home. Indeed, for many this situation still plays out, day after day. With further lockdowns and restrictions on activities a very real possibility, this will be a recurring nightmare for them.

We know that the majority of victims and survivors of domestic abuse are women and that domestic abuse can happen at any age, but there’s no doubt that older victims can face unique barriers in being recognised and getting help.

You can read the full report here.