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Online training

Online training update

Reducing the Risk has delivered training online since May 2020 in response to Covid-19 in order to equip professionals, volunteers and individuals in the community with the confidence and knowledge to recognise domestic abuse, respond safely to those experiencing abuse, and record and refer appropriately.

We are currently working with Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children’s Board to deliver training to professionals and volunteers in Oxfordshire. If you are interested in this training, please visit their website here.

If you are not in Oxfordshire and would like to arrange Intro to DA and/or Impact on Children and Families training (details below) for your organisation, please email

Introduction to Domestic Abuse

Pre-requisites: None.

Suitable for: Anybody (excluding trained Domestic Abuse Champions and those who completed DA Awareness 90-minute training between May – August 2020 – please see below for further training opportunities).

Duration: 1 hour of pre-training materials to complete in your own time followed by a 3-hour (with breaks!) Zoom training.

This half-day training provides an introduction to domestic abuse and coercive control and is designed for individuals who encounter people who may be experiencing domestic abuse, whether in their work (whether paid or voluntary) or in their personal lives (neighbours, friends, family or colleagues).

The aim is to increase knowledge and confidence in the community so that those experiencing domestic abuse receive appropriate and timely support. Content will include what constitutes domestic abuse in the UK, the crime of Coercive and Controlling behaviour, tactics of coercive control, introduction to stalking, indicators someone is experiencing abuse and in particular indicators of serious harm, how to help and how to do this during Covid-19.

Impact on Children and Families

Pre-requisites: Introduction to Domestic Abuse (as above) OR DA Awareness 90-minute training (ran online May – August 2020).

Suitable for: Anybody (excluding trained Domestic Abuse Champions – please see Champs Refresher and DASH training below).

Duration: 1 hour of pre-training materials to complete in your own time followed by a 3-hour (with breaks!) Zoom training

This half-day training offers a deeper exploration of the dynamics of domestic abuse, including the impact domestic abuse has on victims and children. It will include types of partner violence, inter-relationships, impact on child development, and the complexities of leaving an abusive relationship.

DA Champion Refresher

Pre-requisites: Domestic Abuse Champions training (doesn’t matter when you trained)

Suitable for: Trained Domestic Abuse Champions

Duration: You will need to complete 90 minutes of pre-reading, watching, and listening (which will be sent by email) ahead of a 90-minute Zoom training to allow for questions and interactive discussion and learning.

Our trained Domestic Abuse Champions come from all agencies and networks. They will have completed two days of in-person training (in some areas this may have been split into different modules over a couple of separate days – but is the same content).

The aim is to revisit the original training to update knowledge and increase confidence so that those experiencing domestic abuse receive appropriate and timely support.

DASH Training

Pre-requisites: A good understanding of domestic abuse, whether you are a trained DA Champion, or have completed the Introduction to Domestic Abuse (as above), DA Awareness 90-minute training, or similar.

Duration: 10 hrs of training over 4 weeks (2.5 hrs/session).


  • To review the basic issues around domestic abuse
  • To increase understanding of the DASH 2009 risk identification checklist
  • To ensure awareness of police DASH
  • To assess and manage risk of serious harm
  • To increase confidence in using and advising colleagues around SafeLives DASH RIC as well as the subsets of questions for so-called “Honour” H-DASH and stalking- S-DASH

We need your help to continue our work reducing the risk of domestic abuse. Find out more about how you can get involved!