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This eye-opening article from the BBC highlights the issue of gender-based abuse and violence in China, and celebrates a singer using her platform to raise awareness of the problem.

Standing still on a stage, growling out her words, Chinese singer Tan Weiwei cuts a stark figure as she sings her latest pop hit, Xiao Juan, in a recent live television performance. She is flanked by a group of women who remove their sunglasses and throw them aside, a silent demand to be seen as individuals.

A moody, excoriating diatribe against domestic violence, Xiao Juan has both captivated and inspired hundreds of thousands of Chinese women since its release.

Its lyrics rail against misogyny and victim-blaming in China, referencing specific cases of violence against women which have dominated China’s news headlines this year.

And it’s a bold statement. Tan is one of few mainstream musicians in China – perhaps the only one – using her music to address the issue, which is still considered a taboo topic for many.

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