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Here is an exciting job opportunity at SafeLives for Senior Training Lead, along with an announcement about the most recent post-holder Melani Morgan.

Melani Morgan has been awarded an OBE in recognition of her work to support domestic abuse survivors, in particular with the police and DA Matters, in this year’s New Year’s Honours. Melani will be the first to say this is an award which honours the work you all do to support survivors and their families and make the domestic abuse response the very best it can be.

She’s right – but the honour is also hers and celebrates everything we know about Melani and the way she embodies the SafeLives values, living and breathing rigour, humanity and bravery. She always brings her whole self to work. We are so proud of Melani, and I know you will all join us in saying congratulations.

Message from Melani:

Some of you may already be aware that I am retiring this year from SafeLives and work in general. I feel DA Matters is in great shape, thanks to all your efforts and I can safely leave the programme in the hands of someone new. The Workshops for Cops and the Revisit and Review scheme are in motion and nearly ready for Pilot respectively and we have a further 5 forces lined up for mobilisation this year. This means the new person/people taking over will have new work and business as usual work to lead on and I am excited to see who gets the job. I am pleased that fresh eyes will bring new ideas and extension to DA matters and the other Responding Well work. I am committed to working with the new person in a full handover period and I hope to start the decrease of my hours, ending in June 2021 with the new post holder fully ready to take the reins. I know all of you are passionate about DA Matters which is why it is such a success, but if you think you would like to lead this wonderful team of trainers and the programme, please apply for my role here.

View the Senior Training Lead job vacancy and apply here: