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There are a number of forces at work when DA is reported to police, but what if the abusive partner is a police officer? In other words “police involved” domestic abuse.

This article discusses the new Super Complaint from the Centre for Women’s Justice about the management of DA amongst different police forces. It specifically looks at abuse disclosed by police officers against their partners. It states:

“The hurdles faced by women who are the partners of police officers are unique,” the complaint states. “They have often been bullied by partners who stressed that their word will be believed over those of the victim, and women in this position fear the response they will receive from the officers they report to.”

Many domestic abuse crimes are not able to be prosecuted for a myriad of reasons, but what happens if the officers are colleagues of those perpetrating abuse. How likely are these to be proceeded with?

Read the full article from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism here.