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Here is a request for survey participants for a study being completed at the University of Wolverhampton, shared with us by our DA Coordinator for Buckinghamshire.

Dear All,

We would like to invite you to participate in a short survey about responses to domestic and sexual violence and abuse. As you are a key stakeholder in England and Wales, your views are valuable to answering the following research question: What can England and Wales learn from Women’s Police Stations to Prevent Gender Violence?

About the Study

Carrington, Guala, Puyol and Sozzo (2020)[1] reported how police stations for women and families in Argentina and Australia respond to and prevent violence against women. The final stage of the project aims to explore whether the innovative strategies used by police stations for women and families in these countries can inform approaches for the prevention of violence against women (including sexual and domestic violence) in England and Wales.

Sharing the survey with your agency and networks

We would also like to ask you if you would distribute the survey link to members of your agency and networks – survey questions have been designed to capture the perceptions and insights of those who work, volunteer or research in the violence prevention and intervention sector (statutory and voluntary).

The survey asks questions about the prospect of transferring any of the elements of Women’s Police Stations to English and Welsh settings. The survey is entirely anonymous and will take around 5-10 minutes to complete. The link is here:

A Participant Information Sheet and Informed Consent form are attached. We recommend that you read both of these to familiarise yourself before accessing the survey; you will come across the informed consent information again in the survey.

Thank you for completing the survey and for sharing it with your agency and networks.

Research Team

Dr Elaine Arnull
Dr Angela Morgan
Dr Mahuya Kanjilal

[1] Carrington, K. Guala, N. Puyol, M.V. and Sozzo, M. (2020). How Women’s Police Stations Empower Women, Widen Access to Justice and Prevent Gender Violence, International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 9(1), pp26.

Dr Mahuya Kanjilal
Social Work and Social Care
Fellow of RGS