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Surviving Economic Abuse has been working hard on bringing about improvements to the DA Bill and have released their 2019-20 Impact Report. Read an excerpt from their latest newsletter – we recommend you subscribe!

The Domestic Abuse Bill

Here at Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA), we’ve been working continuously to garner support from Members of the House of Lords for an amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill that would offer protection to those victim-survivors of economic abuse who are still not safe after separating from a perpetrator. The amendment would extend the coercive and controlling behaviour offence within the Serious Crime Act (2015) to include those who were “previously personally connected” — such as in a former relationship — even if they are no longer in an intimate relationship or living together.

Although it was withdrawn during the Committee Stage of the Bill, there is still widespread support for the amendment. We welcomed the government’s commitment to “continue to consider” the post-separation abuse amendment, either in the review of the coercive control offence in the coming weeks or later in government.

To read more about what’s going on with the post-separation amendment, see our latest blog post.

Our impact

Early in 2021, we released our 2019-20 Impact Report. Our annual Impact Reports provide a vital space to reflect on what we have achieved as a team and in partnership with the many organisations and individuals who are passionate about ending economic abuse. This report in particular highlights how important it was to be guided by our ‘agile’ value in order to respond to the new challenges brought on by Covid-19.

We’d like to thank the Trustees for their leadership, a team who support each other and continually champion the cause, our funders for getting in touch and the Experts by Experience who continue to guide us in all that we do.

Read the 2019-20 Impact Report