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Surviving Economic Abuse published a report revealing that economic abuse is no longer ‘hidden’ in plain sight. Up and down the country experiences of economic control are being shared by domestic abuse victim-survivors with police officers and in courts.

The research found that the criminal justice system is not using its powers to fully hold perpetrators of economic abuse to account or support victim-survivors to achieve justice.  

Recomendations from the report include:

  • Make police training on controlling or coercive behaviour and economic abuse mandatory to help police proactively identify and gather evidence of it.  
  • Ensure victim-survivors experiencing economic abuse can access specialist support to re-establish their economic safety.  
  • Increase the use of court-awarded compensation and the confiscation of assets derived from criminal conduct during sentencing so victim-survivors do not have to pay the price for abusers’ crimes. 
  • Work with credit rating agencies to identify a way to re-establish victim-survivors’ credit rating to help them rebuild their lives.