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Ed and Sophie are an amazingly energetic, enthusiastic and positive young couple. They both have personal experience of domestic abuse and the effects it can have on everyone concerned. They are friends of Reducing the Risk and want to do something to help.

In August, they are taking part in Tough Mudder which is a 15k assault course with 30 extremely difficult and gruelling obstacles to overcome. This seems fitting to help people who are dealing with the many life changing obstacles involved in domestic abuse.

The course includes copious amounts of mud, crawling under barbed wire, tackling great heights and 10,000 volts thrown in. It is definitely not for the faint hearted and takes incredible determination and stamina.

Whilst we do not expect any of you to join in, we would be incredibly grateful if you could sponsor them even a small amount. Every small amount can make a huge difference to a victim in need.

  • £5 can provide secure transport for a domestic abuse victim to see a solicitor
  • £10 can buy someone their own mobile to use when contacting their support network
  • £15 can provide emergency food and baby items
  • £20 can allow us to gather essentials for a family relocating to a safe place
  • £40 can source a victim a session with a counsellor or therapist
  • £100 can pay to source a court order

This is not just a quick fix problem, it needs expertise and funding from many agencies to make a real and life changing difference. It enables individuals with no voice or options to obtain lasting self respect, dignity and freedom.

Please give anything you can by following this link to their just giving page. Maybe you could post this appeal on a wall in your place of work to advertise?

Every pound they raise helps us keep doing what we do in supporting victims, training practitioners and spreading awareness of the issues.