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Please help spread word of this initiative!

What is it?

This initiative is a collaborative pilot between Reducing the Risk and West Oxfordshire District Council. It is funded by Containing Outbreak Management Funding (COMF) and also complements a wider, countywide strategy. By working together we aim to strengthen support for victims of abuse and their children in our local communities.

A 2019 study discovered that domestic abuse in rural areas is often hidden, under-reported by 50% compared to urban areas, and victims suffer for 25% longer than urban survivors.

This initiative will focus on:

1. Building awareness in local rural communities about issues surrounding domestic abuse; how prevalent it is, why things are hidden and who can help. Providing local people with an increased knowledge of the help and resources available and how they can respond safely.

2. Creating more Domestic Abuse Champions (DA Champs) in this district. Our multi agency training ensures local practitioners from over 200 agencies all appreciate and recognise the subtleties of these abuses, can understand and support victims and safeguard people who are vulnerable. They will be a source of advice and support for local communities.

How will it work?

We will assess where we need more DA Champs. This will widen our Network, bring in more resources and increase the range of experience and knowledge that DA champs can share and use to support each other.

We have an online toolbox for anyone attending our community sessions, which contains useful information such as pre-reads, videos and links. Anyone is welcome to take a look and use these resources.

We will utilise a pool of willing DA Champs who live or work in the area to deliver training to West Oxon communities. We want to share awareness about what is now known about this terrible social blight and help reduce the risk it carries.

What’s the plan?

We plan to roll out these community training sessions in a roadshow. We want to reach into local communities over November & December 2021 and into the New Year and share what we know, answer questions and discuss concerns.

We hope that with more people aware and talking about domestic abuse, understanding how to respond safely, we can increase the options for those who live with domestic abuse, their worried families, anxious colleagues, concerned neighbours, and any children.

It is often easier for those who may not understand the issues to simply not acknowledge what is happening. Sadly things can go terribly wrong and communities suffer as a result. We want to educate communities and improve the situation for families that suffer and thereby reduce the risk they face.

If you want to help, run a local group or can offer a venue then please register interest here.

To look at a listing of events planned or participate in a workshop click here.