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This online learning from Central Conference Consultants Ltd is available 23rd – 25th February 2021.

While gender identity and being transgender (or ‘trans’) has higher visibility these days, feedback from surveys of trans people suggests that their experience with services does not meet their expectations.

Trans people have a gender identity which differs from that of their (assigned) birth sex, and can take a wide diversity of forms. This complexity is one of the barriers which prevents service providers feeling confident in working with trans clients. Other barriers include insufficient training, a lack of useful guidance, and services which tend to be run along binary gender lines.

As a consequence, services often do not engage as effectively with trans service users as they could. It is important that professionals are able to think beyond general concepts of equality and diversity to understand the needs of this very complex group.

Working effectively with transgender service users is a pre-recorded on-line learning day (with real time Q&A session on 25 February) for all service providers which offers the opportunity to get a good understanding of:

  • What it means to be transgender
  • The particular issues faced by trans young people and adults
  • How services can be made more accessible to, and effective for, trans people

Note: the total length of the sessions plus Q&A is equivalent to those of a one-day event (approx.4 hours); delegates will be able to access the sessions at any time over a 3-day period. The Q&A is fixed at 3.30pm on the last day.

The sessions will be delivered by a facilitator who identifies as trans himself. Previous feedback on the live version of this learning day has been excellent.

Discounts for team bookings are available; if you wish to book a large group, please telephone us to discuss.

Click here for further information and to book or call us on 0115 9163 104