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Reducing the Risk Safeguarding Statement 

Reducing the Risk has a responsibility, together with others, to promote the safety and welfare of children. In particular, it recognises that child protection is integral to its work through its responsibility to the children of service users who are at risk through domestic abuse.

We are duty-bound to manage any potential conflict between the child’s welfare, which must be paramount, and the safety and well-being of the adult victim, which is the primary focus of the IDVA service.  We work in accordance with the Oxfordshire Childrens Safeguarding Board Procedures –

Where there are concerns about the safety or welfare of a child, Reducing the Risk’s Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of Children policy and procedures will be followed, and information will be shared with the relevant agencies in order to protect the child(ren).

Reducing the Risk recognises that all children have the right to be protected and children who have been abused deserve care, respect and sensitivity. Children have the right to protection from harm regardless of age, ability, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or any other vulnerabilities. Abuse of children can occur in all cultures, religions and all social classes. 

Reducing the Risk will take all possible steps to ensure that children with whom it works are kept safe through:

  • Safe recruitment processes for all trustees, staff and volunteers
  • Planned induction of all trustees, staff and volunteers, to include signed and dated confirmation of their understanding and acceptance of the safeguarding policy
  • Clear safeguarding procedures to inform trustees, staff and volunteers about the appropriate action to take in the event of concerns about a child
  • Procedures to structure the management of any allegations of abuse against trustees, staff or volunteers
  • Effective training and support for trustees to ensure that they are able to work within these procedures
  • Effective training, support and supervision for staff and volunteers to ensure that they are able to work within these procedures
  • Identified personnel to hold the Local Specialist Advisor and Trustee Lead, Strategic Lead and Designated Safeguarding responsibilities.

Reducing the Risk has clear expectations of all trustees, staff and volunteers for sharing information about families, parents, children and young people:

  • All parents supported are made aware of Reducing the Risk’s safeguarding and confidentiality policies.
  • A factual dated record of concerns about a child(ren) in families supported will be kept in line with Reducing the Risk’s Record Keeping procedures.
  • Reducing the Risk recognises the importance of sharing information to protect children and normally the disclosure of the confidential information to any other person may only be undertaken with the expressed permission of the service user (see confidentiality and sharing information).
  • However, where it is considered necessary for the welfare and protection of a child, information will be shared with the appropriate authority. Normally service users will be kept informed of Reducing the Risk’s actions unless to do so would put the child at greater risk of harm. 
  • Protecting children from significant harm is a shared responsibility.  In order to fulfil its responsibilities in promoting the welfare and safety of children Reducing the Risk will maintain effective partnerships with organisations working with children and their families within the community.
  • In particular, Reducing the Risk will work with Oxfordshire County Council Children’s Social Care; and agree mutual guidelines to ensure that the safety of the child(ren) is paramount while, as far as possible, capacity to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the non-abusing parent is sustained.
  • Reducing the Risk is aware of, holds current information on and works within the requirements of the local procedures followed by statutory and voluntary agencies.

In addition, the following standards, policies and procedures will be implemented and are fundamental to effective practice within Reducing the Risk for carrying out responsibilities for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.

  • Reducing the Risk Quality Assurance Standards and Procedures
  • Reducing the Risk Confidentiality Policy
  • Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board Policies and Procedures and in
    • Section 11 safeguarding requirements for the voluntary sector
    • OSCB safeguarding guidelines for children at risk through abuse
  • Reducing the Risk recruitment and Disclosure and Barring Procedures
  • Reducing the Risk Responsible Reporting (whistle blowing) Procedure
  • Reducing the Risk Allegations Management Procedure
  • Reducing the Risk Record Keeping Procedure
  • Children who are also offenders

Dawn Hodson CEO Jan 2023  

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